why civil rights is more important that supporting genocide victims and women’s education

Use multiple sources to support my argument:
2+ quotes from the most relevant Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech
1+ quotes from the most relevant tie-in video.
1+ quotes from the most relevant supplemental online source.
1+ quotes from a source for my counterargument.

Have a well-developed counterargument:
Acknowledge what is true or valid about a differing perspective.
Respond to it and defend my position.
Honors: Have 2+ counterarguments integrated into my body paragraphs.

Use parallel structure.

Use 2+ of the following techniques:
Ethos (something I can write to make me appear more reliable as a source)
Extreme/absolute language (all or nothing statements)
Rhetorical question (a question asked to make a point rather than seek information)

Write multiple pages:
1-inch margins
Times New Roman, size 12
Note: Headings (name, date, title, etc.) do not count in terms of length


Cite my quotes (Authors last name, page#).
For online sources (Authors last name, year).
Note: If no author is given, put the name of the webpage.

Edit to avoid common errors in capitalization, spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

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