Week Eight Reflection

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Robbins, S. & Judge T. (2018). Essentials of Organizational Behavior. Boston, MA: Pearson.

ISBN 13: 978-0-13-452385-9 (Not the Global Edition)

Running head: Week Eight Reflection










Week Eight Reflection

By: Kaylee Shiveley


Organizational Behavior is made up of many components, down to stress management in both personal and professional life as well as adapting to change. Knowing about how businesses deal with employees who are stressed and providing ways to make it easier for them to adapt to change in the workplace will help allow the business to reach their goals.

Week Eight Reflection

Organizational Behavior is based around multiple concepts, including knowing how to work through stress and adapting to changes in the workplace.

What’s The Most Worthy?

In chapter 17, change and stress management are discussed. I believe the most worthy topic of this chapter is stress management, because if a person has proper stress management skills, they can deal with anything stressful life may throw at them. Knowing what triggers stress and what fixes it is important to survive your daily personal life, let alone balance a good personal / professional life. After looking more into workplace stress, I found that low salaries, excessive workloads, few opportunities for growth, lack of social support, and conflicting demands or unclear performance expectations are some common triggers in the workplace according to the American Psychological Association (apa.org). Keeping work-related stress under control is important because stress does not disappear when you go home. When stress is on-going, it can take a toll on your physical and mental health and well-being (aoa.org). Different steps to manage workplace stress includes tracking stressors, developing healthy responses to yourself and others, establishing boundaries, taking time to recharge, learning how to make yourself relax in uptight situations, taking to a supervisor about what is causing the stress if it is something that can be fixed, and getting some form of support (apa.org). Stress management is a worthy topic anywhere for any occupation. Change is also discussed in the chapter because it is something that happens daily. Whether we are at work or at home, there is always change happening either to us or around us. Learning how to deal with change in a positive manner will help your mental health and help you learn to adapt to change better.


How Stress Management is used in Society and / or Business

Stress management can be and should be used in businesses everywhere as well as in society. Forms of stress management can be and should be presented to employees when they begin their job. Having stress management tactics or solutions to practice both at work and at home can reap benefits for the business. If you have happy, healthy employees, they will probably be more likely to get more work done than employees who don’t like their job or who are sad or depressed all the time. In my opinion, high stress occupational jobs should have monthly stress management seminars where employees are welcome to join for a fun social time as well as offer some stress management activities such as yoga or deep breathing. Being around other co-workers and practicing this can also help them bond and create a tighter work-related friendship.


Both of these topics are important to cover. A lot of the information may seem like it is common sense but learning about these topics more in depth helps think about our daily lives both personally and professionally. Stress management is something that all businesses and organizations should take serious starting from when the employee’s first day begins.



Robbins, S. & Judge T. (2018). Essentials of Organizational Behavior. Boston, MA: Pearson.


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