Week 3 – Assignment 2

Week 3 – Assignment 2

Week 3 – Assignment 2

Personal Branding Activity Part 1

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, visit the Ashford University Career & Alumni Services (Links to an external site.) web page and review the  Your Career Roadmap | Ashford University Career Services (Links to an external site.) video to learn about Ashford University’s Career and Alumni Services. The  Developing Your Personal Brand (Links to an external site.) video from LinkedIn will help you with learning more about the importance of your personal brand as a marketing or business professional.

To complete the Personal Branding Activity, you will be using a global marketing job title that interests you. If you would like to explore existing job titles and descriptions, you can visit CareerBuilder (Links to an external site.)Indeed (Links to an external site.) or LinkedIn Jobs (Links to an external site.).

The Personal Branding Activity is comprised of two parts that will be submitted in two different weeks. Please note that Part1 of the Personal Branding Activity is made up of two sections listed below. Part 2 of the Personal Branding Activity will be submitted in your Week 5 – Discussion 3.

Section A: Your LinkedIn Profile

Crafting a LinkedIn profile is a critical part of building your brand. Through LinkedIn, you can network, find jobs, and begin to build your online presence. Visit the LinkedIn for Students (Links to an external site.) resources page to explore videos about building your LinkedIn profile.

· Visit LinkedIn (Links to an external site.) to create or edit your LinkedIn profile.

· Refer to the Create an Effective LinkedIn Profile Preview the document checklist from Ashford University’s Career Services as a guide for important items you may not have considered.

· Make your profile look more professional and noticeable by applying the tips found in the video  Developing Your Personal Brand (Links to an external site.) and the article How to Create a Killer LinkedIn Profile That Will Get You Noticed (Links to an external site.) on LinkedIn.

Section B: Personal Branding

· Using the global marketing job title you selected, design a business card with Canva (Links to an external site.).

· Please be aware that there is a “Marketing & Communications” templates section you can use before you begin to design your card.

· The card must also include a QR (quick response) code to your LinkedIn profile page.

· Use a QR code generator (Links to an external site.) and include the image on your business card.

· Download your design as a PDF file.

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