Washingtons Farewell

an in-depth look at the U.S. Constitution and whether todays generations are applying the principles embedded in the Constitution in an appropriate manner.  A sneak-peek is that judges sometimes ignore the constitution and reinterpret and rewrite it at will, resulting in a recipe for tyranny.  It is the duty of our generation to protect the constitution as written, to ensure we preserve our freedom to future generations. 

Your grade on the Washingtons Farwell Address Analysis assignment can be maximized by: APA STYLE

  1. Following the format guidelines found in the Course Style Guidelines (You will see some minor differences between that document and the assignment instructions. either format is acceptable)
  2. Meeting the levels of achievement described in the Rubric for the assignment.


Washingtons Farewell Address Analysis Instructions

For this assignment, you will analyze the major points of George Washingtons Farewell Address and write a 3-page analysis, considering contemporary government and including differing points of view. Be sure to adhere to the format specified in the Course Style Guidelines document.

Your analysis must adhere to the following specifications:

  • No more than 3      double-spaced pages (12-point font with 1-inch margins).
  • Must include a title page      (not counted in total page number) that contains:
    • A title,
    • Your name,
    • Your section (GOVT       200-S02),
    • Your instructors name,       and
    • The date the assignment is       due (all single-spaced in the footer of the cover page).
  • No page number is necessary      for the cover page or for the first page in the body of the paper.

Pay particular attention to the grading rubric for how your paper will be graded.

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