Vulnerable Groups in Emergency Situation

Select a disaster (natural, technological, human-made, intentional, un-intentional, etc.) or complex humanitarian crisis that occurred anytime since the year 2000.

Identify a vulnerable group that was adversely affected by the disaster OR a population that demonstrated high capability in response to the disaster

Note: You can also identify a vulnerable group that also demonstrated high capability 
Ensure that there are enough academic resources (i.e. peer reviewed journal articles) that detail the experiences of your community of focus

The paper must include:
Pre Disaster
– the situation of your community of focus prior to the disaster (eg. demographic details; socio-economic & political situations; root causes that led to he consequences they faced during the disaster)

During Disaster
– describe the impacts of the disaster (especially on the vulnerable group if you selected one) and/or detail the example of high capability in response to the disaster

Post Disaster
– detail the recovery of your community of focus following the disaster and/or how the group demonstrating high capability continued heir efforts following the disaster. For on going disasters, describe the current situation facing your community of focus

Paper Structure
– briefly introduce the topic of focus
– explain why this is an important case to study
– ensure that you outline what you set out to do in your paper during the introduction

– pre-disaster
– during disaster
– post disaster

Lessons Learner
– what are some key lessons learned from studying your community of focus that are generalizable to other similar or broader cases

– highlight the main themes of your case study
– identify questions for further research inspired by your case study

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