Video Journal

This week you will submit your 1st journal reflection for your public health observational experience. For the reflection: select one of the objectives you identified to accomplish during your OLE for the first week at your site. Review the course content, resources, and literature related to your objective to prepare for your experience.

After completing your observation this week, create a video reflection documenting your experience.  This will serve as your “time log” at your site.

The video should include:

Identify your total number of hours for this week for your OLE
The objective you focused on
What you learned in your preparation
What you learned in your observation including any questions you asked
Report if you were able to meet your objective with a rationale as to why or why not
How have these activities contributed to your professional development?
Relate these activities to a role as a health and/or public health professional
Identify specific skills acquired through participation in these activities (i.e., program planning and evaluation, needs assessment, grant writing, program management)
The video should not exceed 5 minutes. 

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