V for Vandetta book & movie

-Analyze relationships among facts, trends, theories, and issues. Point out their significant likes and differences and tell why they are meaningful.
-Argue in defense of (or against) a concept, opinion, position, thesis, or point of view. Strong arguments apply logic and point out fallacies, errors, and fuzzy thinking.
-Categorize or classify items, concepts, or events by sorting them in sets of predefined qualities or conditions according to their similarities.
-Compare and contrast two or more events, ideas, or opinions by identifying their similarities and/or differences.
-Define the meaning of an unfamiliar term, phrase, or concept by describing the concept behind it.

-Interpret a set of facts or events by explaining their significance and importance to your reader, or to other audiences with other needs or interests.
-Give your opinion by telling what you think about the topic and provide an explanation about why you think it.
-Reason (the verb, not the noun) by presenting the logical thought process required to support a specific conclusion.
-Synthesize information from a variety of sources to support a single thesis, opinion, or -conclusion.

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