USPS-Company Benefits

The paper will

    follow MLA guidelines
    be in Microsoft Word format
    at least 5-pages in length (body only)
    be double-spaced
    include a cover page
    include a Works Cited page with a minmum of 5 sources (of which at least 3 are peer-reviewed)

There should be a minimum of five parenthetical internal citations within the text of your paper (this means you must have quotes, statistics, etc backed up with a source from the Works Cited sheet).

    Identifies one specific company researched.
    Explains the companys compensation and benefit system(s).
    Connects the companys system(s) to secondary research.
    At least 5 pages in length (not including cover page and works cited).
    Cites a minimum of 5 sources, of which 3 are peer-reviewed.
    Written using proper college-level writing.

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