Use The Attached Documents To Write One 1000 Words Brief Comparing All The Information According To The Instructions Below.

Use The Attached Documents To Write One 1000 Words Brief Comparing All The Information According To The Instructions Below.

  1. The team will then analyze the member reports, searching for patterns (similarities and differences between and across specializations) and evaluating their broader implications for successful implementation of strategy and strategic decision making. Faculty will follow and contribute to this team analysis and discussion.
  2. Teams will prepare a brief (maximum 1,000 word) final synopsis of findings and conclusions and post it as a new thread in the team’s study group by Wednesday of the last week of class (Week 12)













Khalia Hart

MGMT 670 – Strategic Management Capstone

Dr. Krell

University of Maryland – University College

October 12, 2019




Strategic management

This is a business course that focuses on the formulations and the implementations of the major goals and initiatives designed by the top management, based on the considerations of resources as well assessments of both internal and external environs in which the firm operates (Vishnevskiy, Karasev & Meissner, 2016). In the sense of the importance of the strategic management course to the students who have studied this course includes:

The examiner should be able to evaluate student’s ability to perform internal and external scanning of the business based on different cases. These includes applications of models such as PESTLE and the SWOT analysis.

The examiner should be able to focus on ability of student to develop and be aware of the processes in which businesses achieves their goals.

The examiner must be able to evaluate if the student understand the differentiation operations of the business.

The capacity of the learner to applying learning skills such as training and development within an organization, a scope which is fundamental to achieve organizational goals and the core competencies.

The examiner must also be able to focus on the ability of the learner to scan the opportunities linked with a certain industry as well the values which are derived by the investors through committing their resources for the fully internationalization of the business.


In learning strategic management, it has been credibly realized that learner’s ability to diagnose business problems, formulations of solutions and create business opportunities are the key merits that one is able to achieve.

Recently I am working as an contract administrative where strategic management is very essential. I have incorporated the skills I gained on learning interdisciplinary studies while at school. The study has helped me to effectively create and establish corporate plans, come up with realistic goals, operate daily tasks effectively and lead in the right way. The course has been of effect to my daily duties and that’s why the course is essential to interdisciplinary studies. Strategic management course is very essential for a management because new overall manager is supposed to come up with cross operational experience and base on how to establish corporate plans cross operations. This is because operation is not an entity that can be separated from people, and hence overall managers are supposed to understand how all enterprises operate together. In divergence, a strategic management course, for many senior managers will possibly base on international enterprise management and creating new business chances.

Also learning strategic management is essential in interdisciplinary studies since it provides leadership training in the process. An effective strategic management course provided strategy management training improved with leadership training. Appropriate leadership skills are vital property to all dimension of your career path and an absolute have for appropriate application and execution of any corporate plan. The study of strategic management will offer you a chance to step back and detect your personal styles of leadership and appropriateness. Both leadership practice and executive leadership training assists in gaining new aspects and have the notion that your leadership is safe and sustainable surrounding (Repko, Szostak & Buchberger, 2016).

In conclusion, learning strategic management is very essential in interdisciplinary studies. It helps in cooperating and developing plans which is essential in both leadership under management. As an administrative contractor, the study of strategic management has really helped me in setting objective and personal goals towards my work.


Repko, A. F., Szostak, R., & Buchberger, M. P. (2016). Introduction to interdisciplinary studies. Sage Publications.

Vishnevskiy, K., Karasev, O., & Meissner, D. (2016). Integrated roadmaps for strategic management and planning. Technological Forecasting and Social Change110, 153-166.

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