Unit 8 Discussions

Unit 8 Discussions

Unit 8 DB: Ethics in the Workplace(HRM)

Our last week’s discussion subject is on ETHICS in the workplace.  ETHICAL BEHAVIOR MATTERS!  We all want to work in a company that has a strong ethical culture.  An ethical culture starts with higher management and a strong Human Resource Management Department.  The following should be included in your response:

  • What types of programs should HRM put in place to promote ethical behavior and practices in the workplace?
  • Why is Ethical behavior at all levels of the company important?  In making products, treatment of employees and customers, protecting company assets and employee information, etc.
  • Describe unethical behavior in a company regarding practices such as hiring, recruitment, discrimination, harassment, promotions, bookkeeping, etc. that either you or someone you know experienced.
  • If you know, how did HRM address it?  How effective do you feel that was?
  • If you don’t know how the issue was resolved, how should HRM handle the issue?

Unit 8 Forum: Course Wrap-Up and Review (LAW)

  1. Make a Personal Statement about what you learned about Business Law in this Course and how it applies, or will apply, to you in any of your activities.
  2. What was your “Wow” moment in this Course? (e.g., something surprising, or did not know before, etc.)
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