Unit 8 Assignment

Assignment: The Social Media Campaign

The following Course Outcome is assessed in this Assignment:

AB202-4: Prepare a social media campaign to enhance sales.

Social media campaigns are an integral part of the success of the overall MARCOM for a companys product or service. In the social media campaign, marketers determine the overall goals of the campaign, what types of social media will be used and how, the storyline and many other concepts. By planning out social media in the social media campaign checklist rather than just jumping in without a plan, marketers can be more successful.

In this Assignment, you will be the new social media executive for a business, Solar Panels Planet (SPP) Inc., which sells solar panels for residential and industrial use. Recently the solar panel has become a cost effective means of reducing costs over the long term and is increasingly being used by home owners as well as industry.

Using the Social Media Campaign Checklist in order to enhance sales, and after reviewing the metrics and feedback, complete the social media campaign you will propose, targeting either residential or industrial customers.

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