Unit 2

APA Style

300-400 Words minimum

2 peer-reviewed resources

Based on topic for research proposal

Discussion 1:

Your problem statement, research questions, and hypotheses help determine the types of data you need to collect for your applied Research Project. Thinking about your own research study, answer the following questions:

1. What are the main research hypotheses or questions you would hope to examine by conducting your proposed research study?

2. What information would you need to collect in order to test each hypothesis or answer each research question (explain for each hypothesis/question)?

3. What research subjects or units will provide the most relevant information to address the research hypotheses/questions? Why?

Discussion 2:


1. What type of data would you need to collect (qualitative, quantitative or both) to address you stated hypotheses? Explain.

2. What type(s) of data collection techniques (experiments, surveys/questionnaires, field research, participant observation, content analysis, existing data research, or evaluation research) will you use to address your problem statement? Why?

3. How will the data collection techniques you select effectively address your research hypotheses? Explain.

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