Understanding Bullying Behavior Instructions

Understanding Bullying Behavior


You are currently working as a psychologist and specialize in providing therapy for children, adolescents, and families. Specifically, one focus of your private practice includes assisting blended families manage the move to co-parenting and transitioning two families into one. You have a new client who self-identifies as a divorced single mother of two. Her children are three (3) and twelve (12) years old. She is considering getting remarried and is concerned about her 12-year old son and how he will handle her remarriage.

Her fiancé has a son the same age who bullies her son and she’s concerned that her son is becoming more introverted and withdrawn.

  1. Develop an 8-10 slide PowerPoint presentation on the advice you would recommend to assist your client in understanding bullying behavior
  2. Provide the client with strategies to combat and minimize the impact of bullying behavior.

Presentation Requirements

  • Length: 8 – 10 slides
  • APA Format (please use citations for all sources including images)
  • Please include a title slide and a reference slide.
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