Time Y X 2009 Q1 -5.4 -11.43775 2009 Q2 -0.51543 2009 Q3 1.55613 2009 Q4 3.33668 2010 Q1 1.20284 2010 Q2 3.97811 2010 Q3 2.37834 2010 Q4 2.88278 2011…

I would like someone to solve this problem using R Studio, you can fetch the S&P 500 data from 2009-2015. The GDP data is provided in an excel file. I found the data for the S&P, combined it with the GDP, and exported it to one .csv file. However, I am confused on how to create variables. The below documents are the question, the provided GDP data, and the .csv file I created. Looking for someone to complete the problem, minus the analysis, and send me their r code file. Thanks

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