Theory; Family life educators

Family life educators need to consider issues related theory, research, practice, and context! Select one of
the theories below based on the first letter of your last name. Conduct research on your theory and create
a Storybird to creatively explain the key principles, concepts, meanings, and examples of your theory.
WWW.STORYBIRD.COM. Also address, why this theory is an important element in Family Life Education
and how it is used by today’s CFLs.
Please note that in this week’s forum you must accomplish multiple tasks:
Create a Storybird using the theory below that corresponds with your last initial.
In the body of your initial response, provide the URL for the Storyboard
Give a brief overview of your Storybird (3-5 sentences),
Finally, end with a question to the class that they can answer after viewing your Storybird.

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