the study of psychology writing homework help

I need some help with this assignment, I have to complete the chart and write 2-3 PARAGRAPHS ,PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS DESCRIBED BELLOW. The chart and the paragraphs have to be done in the file uploaded.

Contemporary psychology has become highly diversified. Many perspectives have been adopted for the study of psychology.

Each of these perspectives sees behavior and experience in a unique way that frequently contradicts other highly regarded perspectives.

For this assignment, first complete the chart by comparing and contrasting the five major perspectives covered in your text.

  • Identify the distinguishing features of each of these perspectives.
  • Identify conflicting viewpoints.
  • Identify shared viewpoints.
  • Identify and describe key controversies or debates associated with each perspective

Next, below the chart, in 2-3 paragraphs, explain which school of thought you most subscribe to at this time in your life and why. You may wish to subscribe to a mix, but be clear on which aspects from each school of thought you want to identify with.

Be specific with examples and connections you can make to your life experiences.

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