The Significance of Setting

The setting is the time and place of the action of the story, but it also creates mood and atmosphere, as well as revealing historical context, character motivation and more.

Select one of your favorite movies and discuss (200+ words) how the setting of the film contributes to meaning.

An example:

The setting of Moana takes place 3,000 years ago in the islands of Polynesia. Polynesia includes Hawaii, Tonga, and Tahiti. This setting gives the movie one of happiness and joy. Being stuck on an island Moana creates an atmosphere of defiance. She wants to save her island and her parents think at 16 years old she is too young to leave the island by boat. 

Using the tropical islands as a setting incorporates the tales and beliefs of the modern-day peoples. For example, Moana goes to seek out Maui a demigod, to return a relic to the island of Te Fiti. This in return should save the people of her island. I also give us the historical context of the Polynesian culture, although it may not be exact it does stand close. Using the cultural truths of the Polynesian people motivates Moana to save the island that one day she will oversee.

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