The Sacramento Bee

• Select an article from popular media (The Sacramento Bee, the Internet, popular magazines, etc.) that covers disability issues or issues related to aging. Avoid advertisements and articles that are brief, vague, or that aren’t focused on disability issues.
• The media should be local (Sacramento area, or your hometown) or from a national source.
• Look for articles on current issues such as:
o Advances in treatment
o Programs serving individuals with disabilities or people who are aging
o Issues impacting veterans/service members with disabilities
o New adaptive technology
o Issues of discrimination/lawsuits
o Related policy issues
• The article must not be more than 6 months old.

In a write up and analysis of about two and a half pages answer the following questions. Please include the question number.

  1. Summarize the article. What new information does it convey about the disability (or issues) being covered? Be detailed in your overview.
  2. Discuss the article’s use of language – does the article follow person first language? How do you feel the use of language impacts the message of the article?
  3. Does it give a complete picture of the disabilities/issue? If not, what is missing? What additional information would you want included to fully understand these issues? What questions do you have, or what do you want to know more about?
  4. Would this article be appropriate as a resource for clients (or their family members)? Why or why not? Explain your answer.
  5. As a professional, what is the importance of being aware of current events regarding disability and issues of aging? Reflect on how you are doing in this area, and what you will do to ensure you are aware of relevant current events, as both a student and a professional.

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