The Reasons Why Various Economies Struggle For Maximal Usage of Natural Resources

1. This is a Turnitin assignment, so the maximum plagiarism can be 15%. More than this will get low marks.
2. Follow the cover page with title, student name and student ID (see sample as uploaded).
3. The written material can be MAXIMUM 2 to 3 pages.
4. Use 12 Times New Roman and 1.15 Line Space.
5. Try to write some appropriate justifications in light of Microeconomics.
6. Writing should be in paragraphs, do not use only point form.
7. Can give appropriate example of any economy.
8. If two GROUPS found with same contents, this will consider against academic integrity and will result in cheating.
9. There is no extension in due date. In case of emergency, inform before time to instructor.
10. Document the references used in writing essay.

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