The New EHR Electronic Health Record

Below is a discussion assignment. The answer has to have only two paragraphs and scholarly/peer-reviewed references and citations in APA format.

In this discussion, you will confront the challenges of teaching physicians and clinical staff about the new EHR, including their requirements for protecting patient information. Using your own research, you will take a position on what a leader should do to encourage support for the new practices.

The specific requirements of the new EHR system for physicians and other clinical staff are as follows:

  • To manage automatic time-outs, which means to go through the login procedure again whenever the computer times out
  • To comply with the requirement for provider order entry; that is, to have physicians or clinical staff type orders into the computer themselves instead of telling someone else to do it

Design an approach to teaching physicians and clinical staff about these two practices or features related to the new EHR. When designing this approach, you will simply provide an overview; you are not required to provide specific details. As a leader, how can you encourage acceptance of these features? Include some collaborative elements to gain buy-in.

In addition, using your own research, provide current arguments and/or statistics to support your position that it is important to comply with these two requirements.

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