The legend Kobe Bryant

Essay #2 Information
Assignment: Write a profile of a person, place, or event. See Chapter 19 for guidelines and Chapter 66 for sample profiles.
As Chapter 19 discusses, a profile has the following elements:
* An interesting subject
* Necessary background information
* An interesting angle
* A firsthand account
* Engaging details
Field research is required for this essay. If you are writing about a place or event, go to that place or event. If you are writing about a person, conduct an interview with the person. Do not choose a topic that you know you will have trouble completing. (For example, do not plan to write about a concert that will take place the night before the essay is due.)
In addition, use one outside source to lend depth to your paper. Any reputable source is acceptable. Outside research must be cited according to MLA 8 format. Remember that all quotes, paraphrases, or summaries must be cited in the essay. Include a Works Cited page for all sources used.
Essay requirements:
1. Essays must be at least 1800 words (not including the Works Cited), typed, double-spaced, Calibri or Times New Roman Font, 11 or 12 point font.
2. Use MLA 8 format, including a Works Cited page.
3. Late work: Workshop drafts must be completed on time for credit. Final drafts will be accepted up to two days late 10-point deduction. Final drafts will not be accepted more than two days late.

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