the idea of abortion and how is it related to biology

Topic : Should we protect Abortion

-perspective about people who against and who support the idea of abortion

-biological insights of abortion

-How is related to feminist ideology and biology?

Gather information about your topic Assignment: Prepare a brief literature review (3-4 pages). Your selection of articles should include some that discuss (1) background and history, (2) global and personal impacts, (3) ongoing relevant research. You will also be expected to prepare a list of references. You should cite at least three types of sources: (1) reliable source with background biological information – such as a textbook, (2) current primary research article, and (3) current mainstream news article.

rubric :

PART ONE: LITERATURE REVIEW Possible Points Earned Points
Overview and background information about your topic (as described in sources); Quality and Sufficient Number of sources used (at least six references) 6
Summarize at least one recent, new, or active area of research and/or current controversy or debate about your topic (as described in sources) 4
Provide global and personal health impact of the topic (as described in sources) 4
Integrate information from multiple sources to present a cohesive summary; Writing is compelling and clear 3
Information presented in your literature review is biologically accurate, and includes in-depth biological information 6
Provide separate page (not counted in four page limit), with list of references, properly formatted 1
In-text Citations are used and properly formatted 1
Proper formatting, Double-Spaced, 12-point font, 1 inch margins
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