The Ethical Dilemma

The Ethical Dilemma

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In a 4-5 page paper (excluding reference list), analyze one key aspect or issue in the case. The approach you take is up to you. Feel free to use as much creative license as you choose to address the issue and use the literature to substantiate your thinking through the use of citations. Your paper should be supported by at least 2 high quality references. I encourage you to use textbooks from your previous courses to inform your thinking and to support your points in these assignments however, at least 2 of the references you cite should be “new to you”– that is, they should be sources you have identified and read for the purpose of this assignment. Recently published (with the past 3-4 years) scholarly journal articles are excellent references and are preferred as they are more current than books.
An Ethical Dilemma?

A glance at the calendar on your desk, given to you by a local ambulance company, reminds you that the winter holidays are just a few days away. There is a festive mood in the new cancer center where you are manager. Decorations are up, holiday music is playing softly in the background and candy and baked goods are in plentiful supply, courtesy of grateful patients and their families.

You are sitting in your office when a heavy package arrives. It is an ornate wooden wine crate containing a dozen bottles of relatively expensive wine. A note attached to the box reads, “A little something for you and your fabulous staff.” It is signed by a pharmaceutical rep that stops by your center regularly to promote his company’s oncology drugs to the physicians and nurse practitioners who work at your center. Earlier that day Dr. Young, a dentist who has a practice in the same building as your clinic, stopped by to wish you Happy Holidays and to drop off a beribboned bottle of champagne as he was doing for every office in the building.

Just as you are about to leave for the day, Jim, one of the radiation therapists on staff, approaches you. He was given an envelope by one of his patients containing a holiday card with a $20 bill enclosed. Jim tried to return the money to the patient, but the patient refused to take it back. As you think about what advice to give Jim, you think about the donuts that were dropped off this morning by a local medical supply company and the pizza lunch scheduled for tomorrow that was being hosted by a pharmaceutical company…

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