the essay is on ethical issues in health care my ethical issue is access to healthcare 1

The final ethics paper is due in at the end of week 14 (due date is 12/01). The final document is to be an essay analyzing a current legal and/or ethical issue in health administration. Ideally, it should be grounded in your own experience and/or opinion, based on library research (mostly peer- reviewed journals) and on actual industry experience. You must appropriately include information/contribution of landmark cases as well as any additional court proceedings that support your research position. If you include an interview, please consult your APA 6th edition resources on how to cite personal communication.

The final ethics paper must include analysis based on the Four Ethical Principles (as they apply): (1) Autonomy, (2) Non-maleficence, (3) Beneficence and (4) Justice. The required length of the paper is 10 pages minimum (excluding the title and reference pages). It is to have a proper title page, headings/subheadings, and in text citations. If there are no in-text citations, your paper grade will automatically be reduced by one letter grade. It should follow APA 6th edition style. You are to use and cite at least eight (8) credible references.

The ethical issue I chose is “Access to healthcare”

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