The Education of children with exceptional needs

Reaction Paper 2 Due Chapter 3 Baca & Cervantes

Discuss what social, cultural, and linguistic disability construction means and how it influences the way in which we perceive disability categories. Reaction Paper: Refer to Course Requirement section; item 3.1

This reaction paper will be a minimum of 2 pages typed response to class content and activities and integration of the readings completed.  You will be expected to refer to specific readings required for the course. You will use the questions below to guide the reading and writing of your reaction paper: 1) What are the concerns of the author(s)? 2) What questions is the author addressing?  3) How does the reading/study address the issue of teaching students with limited formal schooling and/or disabilities? 4) In your opinion, what are the implications for teaching students with limited formal schooling and/or disabilities and the school community?  5) As an educator, what is your reaction to the article/study?  Do you make any connections? Do you agree or disagree?  Why or why not? What questions remain unanswered? Note that this reaction paper is not meant to be a summary of the information.  You are expected to synthesize the reading, make connections to previous readings and critique the reading based on your own experience and understanding of teaching students with limited formal education and/or disabilities.  NB –  cite your reference using APA style. 

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