Systems of Law

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“One part of the reading this week that stuck out to me was the section on metaphor and how we use metaphor to bridge gaps and ultimately make connections between things such as law and culture. As Rosen states, “As we look for the telltale place of culture in law and the inescapable role of law as culture, we will necessarily have to consider the role of metaphor as a unifying agent.” I liked this particular approach as it is one that I would not have thought of before. Also, after considering how metaphor plays a role in how we view things in our lives it makes sense that we tie things together using metaphors. For example, Rosen mentions how people value their bodies and regard them as a “temple.” Of course, your body is not literally a temple but in this regard, it would be something to cherish and protect. Another concept that struck me was from the lecture and that had to do with the examples based on the law as culture and culture as law. The example of marijuana is one that I see as particularly interesting considering it is something that our generation is witnessing. Also, it is odd at this point to imagine a world where the decriminalization and laws allowing the use of marijuana would be a concept ingrained in culture due to the changes law has seen. However, it is possible that it could become the seatbelt and be an everyday norm. Therefore, I think it is interesting to see how tolerance and legislation can bring things into a space that allows them to also be culturally accepted. “

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