Submit the Milestone Three Worksheet attached below. In this milestone that is attached, you will address the following:


Submit the Milestone Three Worksheet attached below. In this milestone that is attached, you will address the following:

  1. Indicate the null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis.
  2. State your understanding of what the hypotheses mean.


Read the article One Hour of Extra Screen Time Drags Down Teenagers’ Grades, by Kate Kelland. Summarize the main points, pinpoint any problem with interpretation of the study’s results, indicate what incorrect conclusions or applications result from this problem, and state how you would properly interpret the results of the TV study.


Reply to Brittany and Emily post. Be constructive and professional in your responses.

  1. Include a minimum of 100-200 words or more (posts under 100 words are not eligible for credit)
  2. Be constructive and professional
  3. What do you want to acknowledge or know more about from the response you are replying?
  4. Make sure to edit reply
  5. Consider asking a question in your reply to encourage conversations.

Brittany post


a good strategy that will help small businesses is sales. I say sales, because what individual does not like a discounted price? Not only will the sale price change, but also the customers will increase in number. The more customers the more products will decrease in the store. I once worked at a smaller business, until we got out of business. On this job, we was not making enough sales to keep the business up and going. With this being said, we ended up having to put the whole store on sale. No, I am not saying go and put everything on sale to help a small business, because you will be setting your business up for failure. I am saying with a small business, sales can help the business bring in more customers. Most small businesses provides sales, by weekly ads. In these ads, they have particular items on sales for that particular week. The business itself be packed with customers due to them trying to catch last minute sales.

Emily post

Since this pandendemic started with Covid 19 new strategies have started to keep businesses open. It has been really hard to think of new working strategies that will work for the public and businesses. The new strategy of online orders has been a great idea that has been a working strategy that many are now suing. I think if this idea had not come a long a lot of businesses would have lost their business. This technique has increased sales and has gained new business for many type of companies. Online orders especially more now than ever have been used by consumers. Due to Covid 19 businesses have been trying many ways to stay in business and this has been a really helpful tool to use and inform consumers about. Consumers can use the many apps available for most businesses in the world to do many things like pay orders, make orders, leave ratings, etc. I find myself using this tool quite often throughout my daily living. I am sure many individuals also use this tool from time to time.

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