Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing

Topic is Social media marketing

Validate that your paper is under 25%

Submit the final draft of the Semester Paper via this dropbox. As a reminder, the semester paper should be APA formatted and in Word format.

The deadline for submission is Monday at 11:00 p.m.  You must use the template here:


This template was sent to you on November 20, 2019 via email as well in Week Five!

I do not want a copy and paste of the two critical reviews you have already done.Instead, please just summarize those as PART of your ten article reviews.If this does not make sense, please phone me.What would I put directly under “Literature Review” – is something like this – The focus of the research project is on CRM (just an example) and over the past weeks a review of ten peer-reviewed articles were analyzed with dates from 1999 – 2019 around the topics of relationship marketing, customer loyalty, database marketing, and more.   Detail of the ten articles are summarized below…

GRADING RUBRIC BUOL733 – Marketing Management

Week 8 – Semester Project

Points Possible

Points Earned

This paper should be a minimum of 20 full pages (using zero point line spacing / double-spaced).  This paper should be completed using APA formatting (in-text citations and references) – attach in a word document – no PDF Files.

Follow all Written Assignment Expectations.

Submitted on time.  SafeAssign MUST be under 25%.


Introduction – The question or problem is introduced and the direction of the report is identified.


Sources – Over 10 sources are utilized in preparation of the report of which 6 or more resources are peer reviewed Marketing scholarly journals.  The student also makes use of other appropriate primary and secondary sources of data.  Reference page and in-text citations must match 100%.   Only items cited in paper and that have a matching reference page credit count.


Subject headers used for organization in APA format – Content is organized in a manner that increases the readability and understandability of the report. Use template provided.  Answer all sections of the template.


Conclusion – The conclusions or recommendations are clearly stated and follow the report’s discussion.  Recommendations are significant and enhance the  report’s impact.


APA format (1” margins, Times New Roman 12 font, double-spaced, and more)




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