Strategic Management

Strategic Management

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Strategic Management Analysis


Strategic Issues

Strategic Issues1 Definition: Strategic issues are fundamental policy questions or critical challenges that affect an organization’s:

· • mandates, mission and values

· • product or service level and mix

· • clients, users, or payers, or

· • cost, financing, organization or management.

1 John M. Bryson, Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations: A Guide to Strengthening and Sustaining Organizational Achievement, rev. ed. (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1995), 30

Statement of issues /problem statements


You need to identify two issues/problems statements based on the various analysis you have done in your individual project as well as the strategic fit analysis above. There could be several issues but you need to identify the two most important issues that confront the company as it heads into the future. For each issue identified you need to explain how and why it is the most significant issues facing the company. To provide such rationale, you need to state explicitly the analysis that is the basis of identification of issues.

Evaluation Criteria: A statement of a strategic issue should contain these elements:


The issue should be described succinctly, preferably in a single paragraph, and it should be framed as a question the organization can do something about. The factors that make the issue a fundamental challenge should be listed. In particular, what in terms of the organization’s mandates, mission, values, internal strengths and weaknesses, and external opportunities and threats, make this a strategic issue?

The consequences of failing to address the issue should be identified, so that the organization will know what kind of issues it faces. There are three kinds:

· • those for which no action is required at present, but which must be monitored

· • those that are coming up on the horizon and are likely to require some action in the future and perhaps some action now

· • those that require an immediate response



Each response should be single spaced and contained on a single page. Use this file as your template with your name entered above.


Work together to answer the following questions. Read, discuss and digest the data. Then work independently to formulate your individual response to following question:



1. Describe the driving forces of the firm’s industry

2. Provide a complete description of the economic features of the industry. Be brief.

3. Provide a complete analysis of the competitive nature of the industry using the five-forces model. Be brief.

4. Provide a solid prediction of what relevant competitors are likely to do in the future based on their objectives, capabilities, intentions and beliefs about the industry. Be brief.

5. Provide a complete financial analysis that includes the implications of absolute and relative measures of the firm’s financial statements from a historical and prospective point of view. Be brief.

6. Provide an evaluation of the firm’s prices and costs using value chain approach.

7. Provide a SWOT analysis. Be brief.

8. Provide a description of strategic issues based on other analyses. Be brief. The definition of a strategic issue is provided in the document titled Issues Statement that is attached inside the Blackboard assignment.

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