State and Nationbuilding in the Caucasus

The instructions are pretty straight-forward, I need three questions answered, each question consisting of 500 words.

1) Discuss at least two obstacles to the establishment of functional state structures found in all three post-Soviet South Caucasian States (max. 500 words).
2) Discuss at least one aspect of state – and/or nationbuilding where Armenia differs from Georgia and Azerbaijan (max. 500 words).
3) Where on a strong-weak state continuum would you place the three South Caucasian states? Support your assessment with evidence from the course literature (max 500 words)

I have attached all the lectures and assigned course readings for the references, it should be easy to find the correct lectures, as the teacher has always made a little summary.

If course literature is not accessible by you because of permission problems, do not hesitate to ask, as I can send a PDF.

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