Research Design
The current study use a mixed method design, which implies the systematic investigation of a given phenomenon through collecting both quantitative and qualitative data. The quantitative data will provide The qualitative data will provide
Explain how the concurrent design, which will allow for the collection of data for each variable and describe the constructs you are examining.
Indicate that you will collect the different data required to answer the research questions using closed-ended and open-ended questions.
Explain that your research design provides an exploratory focus to better relate the variables back to the research questions.

Study Population and Sample Selection
Describe the characteristics of the participants of your research.
How did you identify these participants for your study?

Purposeful sampling will be used for choosing participants for the research.
Explain this sampling strategy and include a justification of your choice based on your research design.
Explain how you will recruit and select participants and ensure all Human Subject regulations are met.
For this study, the researcher is using a subject-completed instrument. While the researcher developed the questionnaire, the answers are given by participants, which is attributed to the subject-completed nature of the instrument. During the data collection process, the participants are given a variety of questions in order to achieve variability in perspectives and experiences.
Explain what information the multiple choice questions will provide.
Explain the Likert-type scale that will be used with the questions and how a five-point agreement scale will be used to measure respondents’ agreement and disagreement with various statements.
Explain what information the open-ended questions will provide.

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