Sociology of food

1. Take a picture of the exterior of your refrigerator.

2. Take pictures of the contents of either your own or your familys refrigerator, including whats been stored in the freezer section of the refrigerator.

3. Provide short descriptions of the content by answering 4 simple questions:

a) How much of what you have in the refrigerator that you knew that you had?

b) Which item in the refrigerator are you most surprised or unexpected?

c) Whats missing in your refrigerator (that you think is essential for everyday consumption)?

d) Choose one of the three articles that you read in this module to critically reflect on your (or your family’s) identity and food.  (For example, what does this refrigerator exercise say about who you are (and who you are not?  Taking the concept of “food as communication” seriously, what does the content of your refrigerator tell you about your social class, ethnicity/race, life-style?  What about the exteriors of your refrigerator?  What does it say about who you are?)

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