Social Responsibility

Write a 3 page paper using the below links as talking points in APA format supported by at least 3 references. Do NOT use a question and answer format.

  1. Express your reactions
  2. Apply your own background/experiences
  3. State important takeaways
  4. Add other comments you would  like to make

In the fall of 2016, Samsung Electronics experienced a massive public relations disaster when its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones started exploding due to faulty batteries and casings. Initially, the company denied there were any technical problems. Then, when it became obvious the exploding phones posed a safety and health threat when they were banned from airplanes, Samsung accused its suppliers of creating the problem. In reality, the rush to beat Apples iPhone 7 release date was the most likely reason corners were cut in production. Samsung finally owned up to the problem, recalled more than two million phones worldwide, and replaced them with new, improved Galaxy Note 7s. The companys response and its replacement of the phones went a long way toward defusing the disaster and even boosting the companys share price. Whether management knew it, its response was Kantian. Samsung focused on the end (i.e., customer safety and satisfaction) with the motive of doing the ethically responsible thing.

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