SMART Goals and KPIs

1. Define the LOCAL business – ** Business name: The Salty Doughnut.**  elaborate the kind of business, any specialties, any particular target market, etc. Give me as much information as possible as you define this brand.


2. Develop three (3) goals.

One must be a communication goal
One must be a business goal
the third can be either (your choice).

These goals must be SMART. Use the attached SMART Goals Template for each goal (total: 3- you can put your KPIs at the bottom).
Your KPIs must link directly back to your goal. 

Note, that your goal must, in one sentence, contain ALL the elements of SMART (do not write 5 sub-goals). If you want to see an example, refer to the how to write SMART goals

***Note: In addition to the above, since you may not have access to modifying the SMART goal templates, please add the responses in the order of the questions for each goal. ***

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