Should The US Eliminate The Electoral College?

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Should The U.S. Eliminate The Electoral College

    The Electoral College was necessary when communications were poor, literacy was low, and voters lacked information about out-of-states figures, which is clearly no longer the case- Gene Green. The President and Vice President of the United States of America are not chosen by a nationwide popular vote, instead they are chosen by 538 electors. This process was written out in the United States Constitution. Why couldnt the founding fathers make this system simpler and let the candidate with the most votes claim presidency? And why do we continue to use such an outdated process. Before the 1804 election , the electoral college was created to give mostly freed slave states a voice in the upcoming political elections.The percentages of freed slaves and in states like Virginia and North Carolina took up almost 50% of the state population that was predominantly white .During this time the law made it so that colored people and women could not have any say in political decisions. Some believed freed slaves and women could not be counted on to vote responsibly, so they left half the population out of states voting laws and left it to onlywhite men. On account of this, the electoral college was created to fill up the holes in states population votes . )


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