Sex Education For Teens – B6

Module 4: Sex Education For Teens – B6

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Apply what you have learned about adolescent physical, cognitive, and social development over the last week and a half to make recommendations that could improve sex education programs for teens.


Initial Post – Your post should contain these 2 elements:

  1. Make one recommendation for how sex education could be improved to better fit with what you know about teen physical, cognitive, or social development. If it helps you may discuss this in the context of downsides you see to the sex education you received in middle or high school (but this is entirely optional).
  2. Explain why this would be a good change to make. How will it benefit teenagers as they begin to explore their sexuality? Higher scores will be earned by posts the explicitly use module content to justify the recommendation being made.  DUE 3/18

Reply Posts – Respond to 2 different discussion threads, making sure to add to or further the discussion in some way. For example, you could ask a question about what a peer suggests. You could add evidence in support of or against their idea. You could expand on what they recommend. DUE 3/21

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