Scholarly Article on Leadership Styles

Paula Hawkins

American Public University

MGMT601 Organizational Behavior

October 13, 2019









Scholarly Article on Leadership Styles Comment by Ericka Hawkins: May want change per instructor


The scholarly article by (Rijal et al. 2016) speakers about transformational leadership. The introductory part explains that there is a need to understand learning organization dynamics. In a competing world, effective leadership is a fundamental driver of a surviving organization. The title is relevant to the research since it clearly defines the variables involved that are leadership style and learning organization. Comment by Ericka Hawkins: Article error per instructor

Statement of Problem Comment by Ericka Hawkins: Comment by Ericka Hawkins: Article error per instructor

The main aim of the author is to establish if transformation leadership and culture are important in shaping an organization into a learning organization. In the introduction part, the problem has been clearly stated to offer insight into the direction of the research. The problem is significant since it tends to study the effect of leadership in shaping an organization to fit in the competitive market.


There is no clear definition of the literature review section. Nevertheless, the author has been able to explain several concepts. One is the role of leadership and the role of organizational culture. Role of transformational leadership has also been addressed. The small section of literature is important in building a firm foundation for the research being conducted. The study involved qualitative and quantitative methods. Four organizations were involved in the study, with a sample of senior managers and organizational leaders being chosen. Questionnaires were passed to the sampled personnel. The sample was selected from individuals in the leadership positions of the chosen organizations. Comment by Ericka Hawkins: Article error per instructor Comment by Ericka Hawkins: Comment by Ericka Hawkins: Comment by Ericka Hawkins:

The research involved three hypotheses. One is that transformational leadership influenced a learning organization positively. Second is that a good organizational culture was significant to a learning organization. The third is that no difference could be observed for organizations in India and Nepal. The objectives of the study were clearly stated.

The author did not note any errors which negatively influenced study results. However, setbacks of qualitative and quantitative methods could have applied. Lack of honesty and tabulation errors could have been detrimental to the final results of the study.

Methods of statistical techniques used include multiple regression models, correlation analyses, and t-test. The three techniques were important in determining the relationship between the variables stated in the theoretical model. From the analysis of data, hypotheses one and two were accepted, while hypothesis three was partially accepted since no difference was observed between Nepal and India. In the result section, India had learning organizations subsystems, something which Nepal did not have. Comment by Ericka Hawkins: Article error Comment by Ericka Hawkins: proofread

The author recorded no limitations to the study. However, limitations associated with data collection and analysis could have been present for the study. In conclusion, transformational leadership and organizational culture have been placed to have a great impact on the development of a learning organization. Despite this thoughtful conclusion, countries in the research did not experience transformational leadership. In a work environment, transformational leadership can be adopted to ensure a learning organization is achieved. Comment by Ericka Hawkins: article of error per instructor





Rijal, S. (2016). Leadership style and organizational culture in learning organization: A comparative Study. International Journal of Management and Information Systems, 17-23.

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