Sales and stratgegy

Having recently been promoted to Director of New Business Sales, part of your new responsibilities is to create a presentation for the next sales managers’ meeting. Since you are still relatively new at giving presentations, you want your slides and corresponding notes on the slides to offer enough detail to make you prepared for the open “question and answer” session that will immediately follow your presentation.
Your presentation will be delivered via PowerPoint slides to highlight main ideas and will utilize the PowerPoint notes feature to include specific details for each slide that will reinforce the communication provided via the slide.
The PowerPoint presentation should include:
    Strategic sales plan overview for the new spice blend including:
o    Sales vision statement
o    Sales force’s objectives/goals that compliments the marketing plan
o    Recommended sales tactics to meet the sales objectives
o    Suggested metrics that will evaluate success in meeting objectives
    Evaluation of the suggested sales plan through the key questions:
o    Who: Target buyer overview
o    What: Key selling features and benefits
o    Why: Highlight comparison to competitive products
o    When: Timing of sales events (ie, launch, promotional periods if you recommend them, etc)
    Recommended communication style the sales force should use for the product launch with customers
Please note any details not noted above can be created by the student, but must be consistent with acceptable and common business scenarios.

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