Review of Zendesk Recruiting video


You have been hired as an associate for a software company that offers support solutions and customer service to more than 500 businesses in the United States.  The company has recently started to experience significant growth and will need to hire many new associate positions.  Your manager, Jack Nyugen, has asked you to help create a recruiting video for the company that emphasizes the company as having a positive corporate culture in which employees live the company’s core values and like coming to work.  Jack provides you with a recruiting video for Zendesk, a favorite company of his, and has asked you to view the video to gain an understanding of the concepts, organizational culture and organizational structure.  Jack knows the value of seeing is believing but also knows the value in a person who is able to articulate what is seen.
Jack has asked you to view the video on Zendesk:  (You may need to right click on the link and open in a new window.)

You will write a report addressed to Jack and will use only the Zendesk video and course materials.  If external sources are used, the information will not be included in the grading

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