Revenue Models

Choose three different revenue models and visit one organization used as an example in each (i.e. visit three different company websites). You are encouraged to visit websites of your own choosing, just ensure it is a good fit with the revenue model(s). Many companies have more than one revenue model, to generate income. DO NOT USE EXAMPLE WEBSITES LISTED IN THE TEXTBOOK. Describe each revenue model and describe how the company and website fit into the model as described. Focus on what the organization does and how they receive revenue for their business. Each revenue model summary should be approximately 300 words in length (approximately one page for each revenue model). You do not need to present a long dissertation for each revenue model you have chosen. You must actually visit the websites when you do this assignment. Do not write your description from memory, even if you visit the websites every day. Pick one Fee for content, one Advertising-supported, and one Fee for the transaction. Do not use Netflix

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