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This assignment is an opportunity to expand and build on ideas you explored in the Online Discussion Forum for this week’s Module 4.

You will use specific examples and make specific references to assigned readings (at least 3 different readings) and assigned videos (at least 3 different videos) in order to answer 6 (six)  questions of your choice from the following list of questions:

Which country benefited the most from colonialism? In what way?
Under the conditions of colonialism, why was it easy for the French to feel superior to the Vietnamese, and for the Vietnamese to resent the French?
What were the political, economic, and social costs of colonialism for both countries?
Which country seemed to pay more?
What arguments could each country have made to convince the other that either the benefits were good for both France and Vietnam if Vietnam remained under French rule, or the costs were too high for the French to maintain colonial rule over Vietnam?
Describe how the Vietnamese fight for independence was similar to other colonies struggles for independence from more powerful and domineering countries. For example, what similarities and differences do you see in Vietnams quest for independence from France and the American colonies break with Great Britain?
What historical facts are reported in the videos regarding French colonial history in Indochina.
How and why did Americans support France’s war with the Vietnamese known as the French Indochina War (1946-1954)?
How did the United States become militarily involved in Vietnam (through the Vietnam War 1961-1973) after the end of French colonial rule in Indochina (1887-1954)?
How are American and French histories linked through Vietnam?
Consider whether American and French television media productions are similar or different in the way they remember French colonial history?
When you write your reply, please be sure to cite the source from which you use the information you present.

the video link:

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