Response 5-2 (DR)

 Incident Reporting and Incident Management

Business operations get disrupted when an unintentional event occurs in the workplace.  some of the unintentional events can be system crash, server problems that stop end-users from accessing the data, hardware or software problem, cyber-attacks, employee mistakes, and other disasters. These not only disrupts the operations but also affects productivity, profit, revenue, and reputation of the business in the market. To reduce all these issues and losses organizations are creating an incident response plan. This plan will help an organization to detect incidences and resolve them before they harm business operations and data.  This plan is created by the IT team or incident response team. This team communicated with every stakeholder of an organization like employees, customers, vendors, suppliers to know the risks and issues they face during business operations. Today technology have facilitates employees and customers to communicate directly about their issues and make them resolve effectively. The incident response team will communicate with customers who use the services of an organization through email or voice calls. They ask their experience and try to resolve their issues.

Role of the end-user in incident reporting and management:

End users are employees who work with data of organizations and customers who use the services of an organization. They play an important role in creating an incident response plan and preventing incidences from harming the business operations. They can directly share their issues or incidences they face with the incident management team who are responsible to resolve their issues. This team will continuously monitor systems and network for any issues and resolve them quickly with the help of the incident response plan. The end users can report the incidences they face by raising a ticket.


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