Response 5-1 (DR)


Incident Reporting

Incidents occur in everyone’s life that affects the normal way of living. Incidents in business organizations cause many problems. They also lead to disruption in business operations. Some of the incidences that occur in the workplace are system crash, hardware crash, data loss, cyber-attacks, employee mistakes, natural disasters, terrorist attacks and others that affect business operations and its productivity.  Incidents may occur anytime and cause huge effects. Business organizations have a team called an incident management team that is responsible to deal with such incidences and prevent losses to the organization. They continuously monitor the systems and network, hardware equipment and ensure the security of data. Some organizations take the help of third party incident handlers and agree with them.  The incident management team has all access to confidential data of the organization. They research the organization; they find the risk and vulnerabilities to the organization by communicating with all the users, staff, suppliers, dealers and other members of the organization to identify every related risk. They document every risk and vulnerabilities according to priority and they prepare an incident response plan.

The incident response plan will help the team to resolve the issues before the risks create problems. They raise tickets when they find any threat to the organization’s data.  These risks and solutions applied to solve the issue are documented along with the results so that it can be reviewed later in the future.  End users can be anyone who uses the services of an organization or who uses data of the organization. End-users of an organization are employees, customers, suppliers, dealers, vendors, and other business partners. 

They play a very important role during the incident response plan creation because they are the person who faces problems. They should report the issues they face to the incident management team either through email communication or by raising any ticket online.


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