Research Proposal Cont.


9-10 References

Total Pages: 8 – 9 Pages


Edit your Research Project to integrate feedback from the instructor.. After addressing feedback, add the following additions to your research proposal:

1. Add a section that discusses the issues related to organizational behavior and day-to-day management in your study setting;

(2-3 pages) In particular, discuss the principles of organizational behavior. Explain which of these principles are related to the study setting in your proposed research project. For example, can your study site be characterized as having a centralized or decentralized administration? This is a characteristic that can have a distinct impact on data collection and interpretation. After identifying which of the organizational behavior principles apply to your study site, explain the organizational culture in your setting in terms of individuals, groups, leadership, management, goals and values. How might this organizational culture impact your proposed data collection process and the interpretation of the information collected?

2. If you do not have it already, add/update a section that discusses the ethical considerations associated with your proposed study; 

(1-2 pages) Outline the steps that you would need to take to ensure that data collection was performed ethically and that human subjects would not be harmed in your proposed study. Be specific, explain the protections that you would put in place to ensure their safety and how you would inform study subjects of their rights and these protections.

3. Add a review of five additional research studies to the Literature Review section of the project.

(4 pages): Finally, review an additional five research studies on your topic and add the review of each to your Literature Review section. Do not use law review articles or non-peer reviewed media sources that do not report upon original research. Try to locate recent studies (completed in the last ten years) so that you can learn from the study results and use the information to inform your own data collection plan. 


The literature review should:

    a. Discuss the specific results or findings from each study reviewed;

    b. Address each study individually, as well as in comparison to the other studies reviewed;

    c. Point out trends you see in the literature;

    d. Synthesize your review into a summary of what is known and what is not known from the research that has been conducted on your topic;

    e. Identify any areas of controversy in the literature; and Formulate questions that remain to be studied in future research.

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