Research essay will argue whether social welfare is necessary in a successful capitalist society, such as the USA.

Attach a Word/compatible document of the formatted Annotated Bibliography for Paper 1 citing and discussing the given SIX sources from to an external site. you will use for the Argumentative Research Paper. The given sources are

1. Social Welfare. Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th Edition

2. Karnani, Aneel. “The Case Against Corporate Social Responsibility.”

3. Sherman, Arloc, et al. “Welfare Does Not Erode American Values.”

4. DiMaggio, Anthony. “Welfare Helps Reduce Poverty.”

5. Carson, Ben. “Welfare Perpetuates Poverty.”

6. Williamsen, Kurt, and Steve Byas. SAVING AMERICA With SOCIALISM? Progressives Claim That the Best Proof That Socialism Would Work in This Country to Fix Our Problems with Welfare, Healthcare, and More Is That Socialism Is Already Working Here.

* It must be written in the MLA style of 2009

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