Research Claims and Validities

For Week 3, I would like you to continue to identify and apply your knowledge of the various types of research claims and the four types of validities discussed in Chapter 3. Please follow the instructions below carefully and answer all parts of the instructions.

Discussion Post Instructions: In one post, include the following information:

In 2 paragraphs, explain an experimental study you could conduct to test whether one psychological variable CAUSES another psychological variable. In your explanation, identify your independent variable, dependent variable, and describe how you would address both internal validity and external validity concerns in the study.
Discussion Reply Instructions:

In one reply, critique a classmates discussion post by including the following information:

State whether the classmate has correctly identified the independent and dependent variable in his or her experiment. If the classmate has not correctly identified them, you should identify which variable is the independent variable and which is the dependent variable.
Describe whether your classmate has adequately addressed potential internal validity and external validity concerns. Your answer should include a description of why your classmates response was adequate or inadequate in addressing internal validity and external validity concerns.

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