Research analysis

Paper title: Research analysis
Academic level: University
Pages: 2
Source amount: 1
Subject: Nursing/Health
Formatting style: APA
Type: Research paper
Details:  You have a find a health related research, kind should be a qualitative type and the following are requirements for the analysis.. 1. copy of the original article with each of the key elements highlighted and labeled (named) i need the link for the article to print it out. 2. what was the problem / question being asked/ studied. 3. who conducted the study? what was their area of expertise? 4. what type of study was this ? ( requested qualitative) 5. what were the findings of this study? 6. what are the implications of the findings of this study in health care today? 7. evaluate and describe the strengths and weaknesses of the literature review for this research. 8. name statistical methods used to support the research findings 9. describe at least 2 areas that the article didn’t cover or explain clearly in this article related to the stated problem being studied. 10. describe the areas of healthcare practice and potential value of this research 15. all points should be labeled on the original research by highlighting or mention it as exact words from the original research and labeled not written as an essay such as writer:….. hypothesis…

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