Please use specific examples to illustrate your points. Write thoughtfully and professionally, this includes providing something original and NOT just resubmitting your self-analysis from the similar assignment in ORGL 3000.

Think about your own social context and social interactions. Answer the following questions. A brief paragraph per question will be sufficient (no more than a page total if possible).

  1. What social interactions, either at work, in volunteer situations, or with family, have shaped my beliefs? [Give example(s).]
  2. When my beliefs have changed, why did this happen?
  3. When I look back on my learning experiences, how have friends or my community helped or hindered my understanding of the world?
  4. Do I have any regrets about how I either connected or did not connect with a social network at work, in my family, volunteering or the community? Note: The refers to social networking in general, not Internet social media such as Facebook.
  5. Describe an example of someone you consider to interact ideally with others. How close are you to living up to this example? (Please do consider someone who is a learner, who has had learning experiences, rather than a somewhat more classic example like your mother, your father or Jesus.)

make it believable and a real eperience that would happen in america

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