Reaching my Academic Goals

a. State the goals you set for yourself in this class, and describe your progress on each of these goals
b. Describe the tools and/or strategies you used to work on these goals
c. Explain some things you plan to do differently in your next course.
d. Demonstrate improvement in your writing by applying the feedback and comments you received from the Learning Center and comments from your instructor.
Give one example each to show how you (a) demonstrated ethical behavior,
(b) used cultural awareness, and
(c) contributed to others learning during this course.
Describe something you did in the course that shows how you
(a) used academic integrity,
(b) asked for help to improve your academic success,
(c) tracked your development as a new PO student
c.Describe one decision you made where you selected strategies that supported your personal growth, then describe the outcome of that decision.

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