. Please review topics in “Research Abstract Overview topic attachment”

2. read ” literature review table” attachment.

3. watch this video : https://nv.instructuremedia.com/fetch/QkFoYkIxc0hhUVJjWEJ3T01Hd3JCMGtCS0dBPS0tNThiMzUwYzdiNzAzNjQ4MWY4MzQ5MDQzNDFjNDBhNjVlOTMwMzk3Ng.mp4

4.read “Literature Review: Instructions”

5. view examples on the  ” Literature Review: Examples”

6. Use “template for submission” to complete

7. Peer review website: https://library.fiu.edu/c.php?g=159915&p=1047210

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